Indo-Sassanian (Northern Dynasties) – C950-1050AD

Stylized bust of king

Fire altar

Item_No: 066
Locale: Gadhaiya (Northern Dynasties)
Date_Approximate: 950-1050 AD
Denomination: 1 Drachm
Currency: Drachm
Composition: Billon
Shape: Round
Size_Min: 15.5
Weight: 4.3

Other_Notes: These coins are commonly known as Indo-Sassanian drachms as they are derivatives of Sassanian silver coins. The name Gadhiya Paisa is also derived from the Indo-Sassanian Ghardabhiya dyanasty after 420AD. The fire altar design was from the Chavda dynasty and was a prominent theme in Indo-Sassanian dynasty coinage.

These coins were made in Chaulukyas territory from 543 to 753 AD and produced in the same territory under others dynastys like Gujrat, Malwa, Kandesh, Bahmanis, Salankis, Paramara and Yadavas.

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