Indo-Sassanian/Persian Empire – C590-628

Portrait of Khosru II “the victorious king”, like Khursu I, but within a crescent, on which there is a six-pointed star fixed on the vertical bar; two wings are fixed to the bar going out from the rim, like a crescent with a star. The field of the coinis bordered by two pointed rims, and there is a crescent with a star behind them symmetrically on two sides and below.
Pahlavi legend “Brave” in the margin at the right

Zoroastrian fire altar, an “atasdan” with a capitellum and plates, near which two attendants wearing high headdresses stand facing ahead, are in the hunts, with a crescent with its ends pointing upwards. The narrow part of the “atasdan” is covered by ribbons. To the left of the fire there is a star, and to the right a crescent. There is a triple rim around the picture with four crescents and stars.
Pahlavi legend: to the left – the year of his reign; to the right – the mint.

Item_No: 095
Locale: Indo Sassanian/Persian Empire
Reign: Xusro II/Khurso II/Khusru II
Regnal Years: 590-628 CE
Date_Approximate: 590-628
Denomination: AR Drachm (1/12)
Currency: Drachm
Composition: Silver
Shape: Round
Size_Min: 30
Size_Max: 32.3
Weight: 3.9

Other_Notes: Very thin hammered coin.
References:      Göbl SN# II/3-IIb/3, SNS# 625-627-629-633-636-642-643-652-653-654

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