Sultanate of Sindh/Ghazni-Qarlugh Dynasty-C1249-1259

Stylized horse Arabic Legend

Nagari legend “Sri Hasan Karlak”

Item_No: 105
Locale: Qarlugh Dynasty – Sultanate of Sindh
Reign: Nasiruddin Mohammed bin Hasan Qarlugh
Regnal_Years: 1249-1259
Date_Approximate: 1249-1259
Denomination: 1 Jital
Currency: Rupee/Jital
Composition: Copper (Silver Washed)
Shape: round
Alignment: Variable Alignment
Size: 15.5mm
Weight: 3.5g

Other_Notes: Ghazni and Sindh- Modern day Afghanistan and Pakistan. Copper Jital (Silver washed) Horse type
References:      MWI# 948

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