Mughal Empire – Akbar – 1556-1605



Item_No: 112
Locale: Mughal Empire
Reign: Jalaluddin Muhammed Akbar
Regnal_Years: 1556-1605
Date_Approximate: 1556-1605
Denomination: 1 falus
Currency: Falus
Composition: Copper
Mint: Ujjain
Size_Min: 14.4mm
Size_Max: 16.5mm
Weight: 5g
Other_Notes: Copper falus from Ujjain Mint. Mughal issue of the Malwa type. The Sultanate of Malwa was a breakaway kingdom from the Mughal empire and was retaken by Akbar in 1561. Coins continued to be struck in the Ujjain mint keeping the style of the Malwa Sultanate with the name of mughal empire until the reign of Shah Jahan. .  

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